CRA requires that Canadians to file their returns by April 30 or June 16 if self-employed.

Our team can help file your taxes and ensure you receive the maximum refund.

We can also provide following assistance for your taxation needs:

• Gain/Loss from stock market trade

• Gain/Loss from change of use or sale of property

• Tax return for Self – employed

• Return for Rental Income


• Business plans & cash flow analysis

• Bookkeeping services, Experienced users of Quickbooks (on site or pick up/drop off services available )

• Integrated personal and business tax plans

• Corporate income tax (T2)

• Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

• Payroll source deductions

• employee year-end T4, T4A and T5 preparation as well as year-end summaries

• Vacation pay and holiday tracking

• Preparation of Records of Employment

• WSIB/Employee Health

Corporate services

• Same Day Incorporation Registration

• Sole-proprietorship and provincial-federal corporation

• Business name registrations

• NUANS search

• Corporate changes and updates